Fishead, olo j. milkman & Zeke's

It's funny to see Fishead rip the sheeit out of people without them realising it. I probably owe him one after this, so I offer the consolation of Derrick May Mixes from friend & site-host JB. Playlists for these classic May mixes are here. Soon, soon, our show control to chaos shall be launched!

A few days ago, Montreal changed irrevocably: Vancouverite outsider-anti-art-artist olo j. milkman moved to town. A documentary on him (under suspicious circumstances) can be seen here. He did a show @ SAT & Casa last year .. [ announcement ] [ coverage ]

Hooking up olo with Chris from Zeke's Gallery remains my life-long goal. If you live in Montreal & haven't checked Zeke's yet (on the Main), please do. It's one of those rare gems--a real, existing, walk-in freakspace whose imaginative dimensions & cultural value far outweigh its loft-style quarters.


"can a thing say whose ?"
(more things to mull over via morning espresso)

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