digital breakdown

object, 2007.
Assembled (used + non_used) digital hardware.
Digital percussion object includes Nietzsche’s hammer.

soundOBJECTS exhibition,
curated by Wilfied Agricola de Cologne

17 April - 10 May 2008.
dis_organised by
La Sala Naranja,
La Nau, Valencia, Spain.

part of _

* unfortunately I have no idea as to what the hell is going on with the exhibition. The whole thing seems to have fallen apart, if not into complete chaos (the organisers -- Toni Calderon, Imo Pico and Jose Mir -- apparently summarily announced on April 16th it was to be an self-organised artist exhibition, in order to absolve themselves of responsibility?), and I have not heard anything reliable since from either the curator or the organisers. See Wilfried's attack on what he calls a 'scandal' of the 'TRIO INFERNAL' here. If it's at all like he makes it out to be, I can only reiterate his frustration, and I just hope the object makes it back to me safe & sound.


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