somedays, it could all have been me

Could this not have been me at the bar? Thanks to JS.

HASEMEISTER: killer Quebécois bunnies that mutilate little pouissants (chickadees). I like this kind of thing. It makes me feel more content with the state of other humans on this planet.

FEELING IT ? man takes 40,000 e's. The very fact that he is still walking and functioning deserves mention. Apparently he forgets things when he is shopping. That's it? I forget things all the time. Sh*t! If that's the worst consequences of a hell of a lot of e -- no wait, a gargantuan amount of e -- then, uhh... well... this PhD thing worthit? I mean can you imagine drinking 40, 000 cups of coffee? 40, 000 anything in a space of 15 years or so ? 40, 000 cigarettes ? That's HEAVY, DUDE. It's a miracle this human being isn't drooling in a corner of the London tube, covered in dayglo glitter and sucking on a dead glowstick, singing little arepresentational sonic ditties and reminiscing about things he's forgotten. You know, the absolute hell of a forgotten & forgetful drug addict who can't remember what it is he's forgotten. Namely -- his mind. Though apparently even at this level, there weren't signs of the kind of addiction even present in cigs. And despite all the scare tactics, this worst-case scenario isn't all that bad, all things considered, innit?


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