if not, winter :: released

.. titles can be ominous, at least foreboding, if not foreshadowing and foretelling: when tomas phillips & I agreed on if not, winter for our collaborative effort of tenuous soundscapes & improvised terrains, named after a recent re-translation of Sappho's poems, we didn't think the release date would be suspended from spring 2005 until, it appears late summer and Fall -- after-all, "if not, winter" --

.. but as Kurt Vonnegut says, "and so it goes" ..

So, it's out, on Dale Lloyd's and/OAR label, as part of their and/LIVE series : if not, winter (and/LIVE 002) .
(thanks to Dale for persevering .. )

.. it captures 3 tracks taken from hours of improvised sessions @ STEIM in 2003 as well as a recording of tomas phillips & I live in 2004.

For those around in Montréal on August 26th, tomas & I are performing another live improvised session at a private studio. Contact me for details.

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