Why does Montreal smell like shit in the spring?

"The truth is I am escaping discussions, because I no longer believe Marxism is a solution to the miseries of the world. Because it does not cure man of violence. And it is only a solution to material needs. In the process, as in the process of American pragmatism, all other values are destroyed. Both countries exclude spiritual needs. America is in even greater danger because of its cult of toughness, its hatred of sensitivity, and someday it may have to pay a terrible price for this, because atrophy of feeling creates criminals."

- Anais Nin, April 1940, New York City (The Diary of Anais Nin Volume Three, 1939-1944:28)

Quebec has spring in the air. Prague Spring, late April '68 Spring in Paris. 180, 000 students on strike. Charest's Provincial Liberals are trying to push through a neoliberal agenda of privatization and tax cuts in education, transportation, health, services. Union-breaking, poor-bashing, student thumping. The Francophone students are fighting back. Even McGill is getting into the action . [PGSS strike] [SSMU strike] [Quebec Indymedia] .

When in doubt, burn the opposition .

"Yes, Quebec students have it good in an age where higher education is being gutted. That is why it is so important for them to defend what they've got. [...] ... the protests also show that bodies in the streets are still one of the most effective ways to register mass outrage against outrageous government policies and to get issues back on the table."

[Jonathan Sterne, Professor in Communication Studies, McGill, @ Bad Subjects]

Quebec student strikes in the '60s .

"We both belong to that generation whose political consciousness awoke during the Liberation, in the enthusiasm and naivete and the conspiracy myths of fascism that came with it. Also, the questions left unanswered by the aborted revolution of May '68 developed in a counter-point we found troubling: we were worried, like many others, about the future being prepared for us by those singing the hymns of a newly made-over fascism that would make you wish for the Nazis of the old days."

Felix Guattari with Gilles Deleuze explaining the basis of ATP in an interview with Maurice Naudeau and others, "Deleuze and Guattari Fight Back..." in _Desert Islands and Other Texts: 1953-1974_, Semiotext(e) 2004: 216-229.

---- which is why we play catch-up to the world's pollution of history:

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Alain Badiou 57mg mp3 lecture of "The Subject of Art" ///

"What the fuck is/was that? "

Mat Jonson's brother and Daniel Tate doing a "dress rehearsal" for their gig at Mint Restaurant in Victoria, tonight (April 6- check it out Andy!).

Mat's brother's tunes .


taxi tracker .

Burning Man from space .

I'm moving to sweden. I'm gonna find me a gamer babe. After she kicks my ass at CS, we're gonna make sweet sweet lovin' on sensible modern furniture I put together myself. [from RASTA-BBQ FOUNDER]


Sarah :-) .

The Rough Guide to Baghdad. [The Nation]. by CHRISTIAN PARENTI .

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