sorry everybody & on into the red night

You can tell because it's in the eyes, the sincerity of the iris that reflects another lost generation. The photos are poorly lit, scrawled signs barely legible, reflecting glass, or examples of amateur photoshop, but they all express the power of the image. The power of putting one's self into the image, one's body and eyes, with the meaning of the words: an apology, I'm sorry.

Unlike the devastating self-criticism the Left has endured, the self-fracturing of an unrepentant critique when its support system fails, the kind of critique that broke the spirits of the '60s, unlike this alcoholic anger, saying "I'm sorry" translates into: "we won't give up, this is not the end." This is the message of these apologies. Some say "we tried," but most say: "we will keep trying - we will not give up."

There are messages in Japanese, French, German, Spanish, and most poignantly, Arabic. Not only sorry, but afraid for the future, afraid for themselves.

And there are responses from the rest of the world: come live with us for four years, we accept your apologies--showings of support.

The global network begins to echo its pathos.

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