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e/i issue 5 is out : including from this department, "Postcards from the Zone," a piece focusing on Derek Holzer, Latvia's Karosta, K@2 and RIXC art centres .. here's Darren Bergstein's byline:

Out of disused military spaces parched by the sharp air of Latvia, a group of sound artists and scientists look to forge a new acoustic space of dreams. Guided by Derek Holzer, these digital interventionists are using an abandoned KGB telescope array to encode their own brand of subversive telemetrics. tobias c. van Veen reports in from under the radar.


And while I am at it, a new piece in The Graduate Researcher entitled "(Code + City + Counterstrike) ąÖ Flow." It's all about psychogeography, Counter-Strike, code, quantification, the Temporary Autonomous Zone, Koyaanisqatsi & Wilfried Hou Je Bek's Psychogeographic MarkUP Language (PML).

Download the [ .PDF ]./
Check out Volume 3 [also in print ].

From the abstract:

1. The grid of architecture, social planning, movement and bodies finds its isomorphism in computer circuitry and videogaming. In both cases, architecture (hardware or urban) operates in a feedback relation with flesh (bodies or the software-gamer combo). And, in both cases, a digital condition pervades the general structure of the distinction between material and immaterial experience.

2. Psychogeography-a stroll around and about this organized circuit of movement, urban or digital binarism, whether immersed in the game of real life or "virtual" death.

Mediating in and between, also playing the game of academic and artist, theoretical mime, half tongue-in-cheek, I'm drifting through a series of paragraphs.

I've also got an earlier piece, "It's Not A Rave," in Volume 1 : [ .PDF ] .

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