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Besides a new search engine and trackback now enabled on this blog (check 'em out, and better yet, use 'em), there's a few things that are hitting the aether at the moment:

Sonar 2004 @
A few words of "the new critical" on the yearly European festival of (experimental) electronic (and hip-hop), Sonar.
And quite unlike this year's fragmentary Mutek coverage. Welcome to Barcelona, adios to any pretenses of being loved...

(Update: Dusted has put me back on their writer's list again. Here's my profile, which is coming to amount to an interesting archive.)

Reception is Interception @ ISEA, aaniradio
In 2002 I did a piece for Austria's respected art radio freaks Kunstradio, entitled "city-sound-a-sleep." The entirety of the "Curated by..." series, of which this piece is part of the group "Reception is Interception," curated by radio-art diva Anna Friz, will be broadcast on anniradio (103.1FM) starting the 13th of August into September for ISEA in Helsinki. Listen online here.

+ a few other things ..

- Tactical Sound Garden toolkit (TSG). Really ties well into the Sonic Scene project I'm working on with the MDCN (Mobile Digital Commons Network).

- Turbulence has started a Networked Performance Blog with high hopes to incorporate this into a strategy for future projects.

- Suzanna's research blog on grad school @ my old alma mater, UBC, includes some clear entries on new pragmatism..

- Brian told me to go look at fuzzy logic.

- Steven yields yet another excellent review, this one of David Graeber's Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology. His critiques of anarchism and especially "consensus" procedures are spot on:

"Anarchist "consensus" is just another way of enforcing conformity and group solidarity, by wearing people down until they are browbeaten into agreement; it's every bit as stifling and oppressive as military hierarchies and fraternity initiations and the "discipline" of the "free market" are."

- Barlow unleashes a silly idea, very TAZ: dance in the streets at a predetermined time during the RNC. What's unique is that you're supposed to do it alone. He claims it will "disquiet" and "irritate" the Republican guard. I'm not sure if Barlow hasn't been down and around recently, but this thing has been going on for awhile. It's kind of like he suddenly discovered Reclaim the Streets or the years of raver protest. Of course it's wonderfully silly and will do absolutely nothing to better or change anything. I like it, but he makes it sound like this is some kind of original brainwave.

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