'til death do us a part

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\commissioned by Turbulence
communiqué with the dead.

" Experiments in Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) using two reel-to-reel machines in an attempt after Konstantin Raudive & William Burroughs to establish contact with the dead. In the 21C electromagnetic tape is an anachronism. Dead media unwinds time from its spools. The dead are no longer human; and when the inhuman expire, do the inhuman become more human than human, at the moment of death? Two electromagnetic machines capture the unfolding of an era in which memory encodes the loving caress of electron imprinted tape. Two tape machines in tandem share their memories, silent at first but slowly amplified through continuous re-recording & simultaneous playback. Time out of joint falls in & out of tape sync; more inhuman than human loops the frequency."


SERIAL CONSIGN INTERVIEW. The ever_crisp Greg Smith has kindly elaborated a few cut_up questions over on Serial Consign concerning the recent [ 'til death do us a part ] project for Turbulence ...

.. / the words open up a few of the wires & inspirations that spirit into the work, from exappropriating static machines for dynamic interventions (or rather fingering these machines to quivering states) to digging up Burroughs & Konstantine Raudive. I feel like the words reverse the old maxim (at least for DJs) that crate-digging is grave-digging... Who knows what records are buried in the blank media? But I digress. The piece itself is the place for further words. And for the persistent, one will even find a slapshot at MTL.

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