What is Media Art?


a techno-utopian fetish. the cage of wires. a neverending stream of code. a fortress of novelty. the 21C's disposable junkyard. the hangover of the industrial revolution. a ceaseless stream of art spam masquerading as announcements or intelligent commentary. CRITICAL PRACTICE RESUSCITATION (CPR). spam poetry. spam lettrism. spam spam. the machination of an original composition digitally signed by the software. irruptive renegade soundsystems and mini-mobile trucks on the streets of brasilia and el salvadora. ad-hoc networks. webcasting festive anti-festivals. running with fire. running with firewire. brb. lol. rotfl. the supreme art of exhaustion. oil. pr0n. kleenex & computer. the art of deception. grant writing 1010101. a Thing.


So goes my response for Agricola de Cologne here, though I am not sure he will keep it, as he appears to be listing "serious" (i.e. boring) responses only -- !! -- though I feel compelled to note that my response is nonetheless dead serious. Seriously.

Agricola has been archiving his vast curatorial projects of which I have taken part as an artist and new media / sound-art curator. Here's a few links which now do the work for me:

--. [[ Profile ]]

--. [[ SoundLab interview ]]

--. [[ Java Museum interview ]]

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And check this. Yann Martel presents: [[ What Is Stephen Harper Reading? ]] Brilliant. I think I will follow Martel's suggest reading list. And perhaps start sending Harper some stuff too, like some weekly audiofiles or somesuch to listen to.

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