e/i 6 [!] "electronic music & otherwise" 

H00T@! nann33.... .

e/i 6 is out dearest fiends:

Yah, in this ish, I talk about the mass production of experimental music and three alternatives in the Immediatism column, an article on Kompakt, the general return to trance-techno and minimalism/maximalism, a bunch of reviews (including a profile of N-Rec) and of course the Drastic Plastic vinyl section. Roll on, brothers!

So here's the list in this ish:

hom brennan
lutz glandien
raz mesinai
philip samartzis
john hudak
giuseppe ielasi
john wall
vidna obmana vs. bass communion
kompakt decompressed - a report

label profiles: and/OAR, cut, infraction, mosz, n-rec & room40

150+ reviews

././././. .... of course all I'm listening to right now are live Led Zeppelin outtakes, Brazilian '60s rock & "Planet Soul" on repeat ... ./.././.  

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