e|i issue 4 & canadian electronica part 3: toronto

It's out, with issue 5 already in the works (hitting the deadlines on that this week):

e|i issue 4 features the final installment to the "Cities of Glass: History of Canadian Electronic Music" piece I began in 2003. Issues 2 and 3 focus on Vancouver and Montreal respectively. Finally we reach Toronto and the closure, although certainly not the end. With another ish arrives another column of Immediatism, and for those of you pulling out the thesaurus over the last two or three, no worries, the gonzo is undermining the intellectual although certainly not the intelligence (or so one hopes--*hic*)... With a new magazine, it's all about crafting with precision and care what becomes of its trajectory. There's a lot of thought into what is going on here, so check it out if you can, we're aiming to raise the bar on the historical records. Hit the ffwd and listen to that tape hum... Generate some archive fever, cut some critical reception and stimulate intensive involvement within electronic music through its broadest scapes and forms.

Like the design? It's by Taylor Deupree.

As for subscription, check the website. It's well-distributed in the US and Europe and hopefully with issue 5 we will see better Canadian distribution.

Yah, I'll post something on Mutek sooner or later. This was the first year I decided not to cover every inch of it, and it feels much better, like going to a kid's birthday party: they're having fun covering their cute, pudgy little alien babyfaces in chocolate cake, so you do too. Or something like that. There was no cake though, just acieed. Whatever. Kids should be exposed to acieed. Preferably by clowns who can blow-up 303 poodles. Yah. People are less paranoid around me -- I'm less libel to pull out the notebook and quote their drunken slander, I guess. Makes sense. Issue 5 of e|i will have something in Immediatism on Mutek...

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