Reading Montreal :: January 2006

[[ Reading Montreal ]] :: a few months ago I wrote a piece on the MDCN SonicScene project for Reading Montreal called "Ghosts of Geography and the Montreal Wireless." Sophie Le-Phat Ho threw the collection together.. in any case, the Reading Montreal folks (Rebecca Duclos, David Ross and Alexandra McIntosh) invited me to submit a week of contributions.. thus, voilą›: I present you this week (!), our frozen spring here in Montreal of January 15th-21st, 2006.

The posts will appear daily at Reading Montreal from the 15th-21st January 2006 but can also be viewed separately as follows (each post will come online on its due date below):

Jan 15th _Dribbler 3.1 [Product of Neglect Art Collective Ltd.]
Jan 16th _Montreal Smoked Meat [Abe Burmeister]
Jan 17th _Dribbler 3.2
Jan 18th _To 4517 Waverly [katharine wolfe]
Jan 19th _Dribbler 3.3-3.4
Jan 20th _Full Circle [Heather Pokotylo]
Jan 21st _Dribbler 3.5-3.6

Feast my fiends, feast.

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