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[1] a few words + micro/sounds
on the Friday Morning After Show with Mylissa, CKUT 90.3FM Montreal, Friday 26 November 2004, 8am-9am EST:

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[2] Cut.Up.Media.Magazine
from Sonic Acts X, September 24, 2004, Paradiso, Amsterdam:

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[introduction + PDF download]

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Translation of the Dutch introduction (thanks to AVV) --

tobias c. van Veen is a man of connections. Before you know it he has made you travel around the world and you are heading to space.

A Canadian from Vancouver with a Dutch name. A DJ and sound artist who has, since the early 90's, been spinning in not only the techno world but also the experimental section of today's sound culture: sonic psychogeography, radio-art, internet performances and as curator of several festivals. He especially manifests himself as a writer for magazines and webzines such as Discorder, Dusted Magazine, eli and FUSE and as an academic at McGill University and at numerous conferences.

Cut.Up. publishes a transcription of his presentation from the recent Sonic Acts Festival in Amsterdam. It is not a translation of the article which appeared in the Sonic Acts catalogue, but a bewerking [remix]. It is a collection of fragments which relates to the article yet also stands on its own to provide a cohesive message. And, especially, an attempt by means of text sampling to say something meaningful about the connections between the re-use of music from the '80's, the future as a selective view and sound of the past, and contemporary politics as exemplified by speed and disjunctive statements.


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