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It's been so insanely busy I don't really know where to begin. Forget it then. Here's another thing that's finally out :

[ [ [ FUSE MAGAZINE : [volume 28, issue 4] : NATIONAL SECURITY ] ] ]

The article is "Sonic warfare, tactical soundsystems and the post-world of Grey Filastine."

A conversation and rumination with the beatmasher anarcho-taxi driver & all-round excellent fiend, Filastine, whom some of you might know from his recent & notorious work with DJ/Rupture.

We launched it recently here in Montrą©al @ the Upgrade. A nice piece by Nora Tenessen appeared in the McGill Daily on the launch. You can check it out here: "Activism finally lighting fuse in Montreal."

The Montreal Mirror also gave us a little mention in their Arts Hole. (Hole ?!)

The caption underneath read: "People, this is high-quality pornography I'm selling here."

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