catching up // CKUT : Where's the Beat ? [where's my free.time?]

It's been really busy -- even for me.

Just before the Upgrade benefit cabaret for Critical Art Ensemble, Kathy Kennedy had me on her radio show, Where's the Beat? on CKUT 90.3, Montrą©al. -- // Wednesday, the 21st of September 2005, to be precise, between 10am and 11am:

--- [ [ listen ] ]

We talk a bit about tomas phillips & I's collaboration, If not, winter, Critical Art Ensemble's Court Case, The Upgrade! & SAT.

More to come from Boston & NYC, some new published articles, and other sh*t. The new e/i is out, for example; so is a piece in the Graduate Researcher. I'll properly announce it over the coming days. In the in-between & brilliant time, big thanks and love to Wayne & Abe, Eyebeam, Upgrade International folks & Yael.

Must get back to that nagging Ph.D.


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