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"MUTEK GROWS OLDER & WISER" .. well .. or at least so goes the XLR8R headline. [[ perhaps "OLDER & DRUNKER" would be more appropriate. ]] In any case: here's the youtube embed for the video I worked on with Ken Taylor. thanks to everyone involved & to the vid editorial team for making it look sweet. LONG LIVE XLR8R.

++ up next is the Kid Koala vid,

++ and some more words on Berlin, specifically a call-out: where are the underground techno DJs of this city..? or does everyone here take DJing to be a smoking sport & think that their reserved 'air of boredom' is at all becoming .. ?

a few recent experiences in Berlin clubs confirm my suspicion that the best dJs in the world come not from the centre but from the periphery. most dJs here approach the mixer like it's a barrel of uranium, a total poison for the fingers, or like some kind of sacred apparatus not to be fooled with. as if to make matters worse, these dJs seem to lack any sense of composition. they've got all the right threads -- the general availability of quality music speaks volumes about how *easy* it is to SOUND good with little or no effort -- but these dJs can't seem to weave a tapestry with the silk threads given them. instead, by the end of the night, you just have all these beautiful threads on the floor, stomped all dirty and in a big mess. where are the tapestry weavers of sonic silk, the journey shamans of sound?

indeed, no wonder that right now Canadian artists & turntablists are at the top of their game here: they have talent, and they truly love the music. for us Canucks, coming from a country that has long left its electronic musicians at the bottom of the heap, dJing & playing live is not a task to be belatedly performed, like a perfunctory bowel movement, but a moment to be savoured, like good sex.

i have yet to encounter a single dJ in all of Berlin (not counting famous foreigners) who knows how to make love to a crowd -- to stomp it, shake it, caress it, sweat it.

i hope to be proven wrong.

++ i've always thought that how someone dances & dJs (as well as cooks) reflects how they make love. side note: given the inability here for a lot of people to express rhythm, either as a dJ or a dancer, is this air of bored roboticism reflected in how the German technoheads perform in bed .. ?

experienced comments appreciated.


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