Things I Hate on Monday Morning

Monday morning. Send me back.

* Microsoft sues Mike Rowe, 17, over . They offer him $10 in compensation. He asks for $10, 000. Right on, Mike Rowe. Motto: "Your name is illegal."

* K.W. Jeter's Noir becomes more real at every passing minute. Steven Shaviro's Connected is eerily accurate.

* Oops, where did that tank go? Canadian Mounties lose track of millions of dollars in "inventory" spent on the 2002 Quebec City G8 Summit. Notice the article does little to tell us what this "inventory" is (guns, shields, riot gear, mace, cattle prods, torture racks, etc.).

* Editors who don't profess much sympathy over deadline when a broken laptop--hinges almost ripped off after drunken stumble from video-artist @ Open Air, East Village, NYC--is hindering article readiness. Said article is being written for free.

* Food shopping before I can eat.

* This goddamn blog won't auto-FTP.

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