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We're back. Another hard-drive explosion rendered this site and email waste for a few days.. please avoid purchasing MAXTOR DiamondPLUS drives, kids. It's the third one the 1104 crew has had to suffer through. Kudos to Mr JB for getting the world back in shape.

So now I'm behind..

++ Immediate news - Steve Kurtz of Critical Art Ensemble. Please give your support to Steve. Strange circumstances have resulted in the death of his wife and a resultant FBI investigation concerning his work for CAE on genetic engineering. Please read this.

++ This weekend is ADDICTIVE TV @ SAT alongside a host of workshops, panels, discussions, performances and jam sessions, all tailored with the VJ and sound communities in mind. Check it here & here. I'm playing on Saturday, ripping open the jam_session with JoCool on the vids.

++ And this upcoming week is the madness that is MUTEK. As well as running around with a DV cam, generally feeling the event soak into my blood and out through words, I'll be hosting a panel on digital cultures:

DATE: Wednesday 2nd June 2004
PLACE: Ballroom A, McGill Residence (former Renaissance Hotel) 3625 Parc Ave & Prince Arthur
PANEL TIME: 2.00 - 4.00
--> cost is $7 drop-in, or get a pass from the Intersections

Digital Culture: Beyond Music
Emerging from the divisions of new media, electronic music, sound and net art is the term digital culture. Digital cultures utilize ubiquitous tools; software, laptops, and wireless devices operate both as performance and creative devices as well as tools of communication and networking. From this crossover emerge new markets, forms of collectivity and creation, rewiring not only the production of art, but also the ways in which it is distributed, packaged and experienced. The recent rise in DVD releases as well as the online distribution of digital audio is testament to the development of this mix. This panel gathers together MUTEK performers and industry representatives who are integrating emerging areas of digital culture, redefining the field in the process.

tobias c. van Veen (Montreal), curator and practitioner in the digital arts (and where it exceeds the arts)

* Eric Dalbin (Paris) - Dalbin, Visual Musics Label, Co-Founder of Logistic & Telegraph Labels
* Naut Humon (San Francisco) -Director of operations for the Recombinant Media Labs
* Carsten Nicolai (Berlin), Raster-Noton
* Matt Laszuk (San Francisco), IRIS Distribution
* Valerie LaMontagne (Montreal), curator (tbc)


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