data.scape - [Dig Your Roots, Grokster v. MGM MP3, Moriko Mori]

A few things on the datascape ..

[1] Dig Your Roots -- National Campus and Community Radio Association [NCRA] initiative to promote Canadian music .. the usual Canadiana abounds (geesh) but the effort is appreciated, especially the monthly, themeatic compilations (March is 'Experimental/Audioart', yesssss). Alongside CBC Radio 3's New Music Canada there's quite a few opportunities for Canadian musicians to pursue networking & promotion, as well as the ever necessary access to the free, digital archive. Team that up with the website for the CBC's ZeD television program, which focuses on youth culture and general new shit in all its forms, and R3's 120seconds--the vaunted digital new media portal for reportage and art--and you're set. Now--the big question is whether anyone actually checks out these sites.

[2] MP3 of MGM vs. Grokster hearing. Share it! Public domain from the EFF via the Copyfight blog [home of Donna Wentworth, who is running coverage on the MGM vs. Grokster case].

[3] Sheborg to Shaman -- The [Cyborg] Art of Moriko Mori. Cyberfeminism & plastic disruption of the male fantasy. Dig it.

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