monday, again . DJ Spooky, breakdancin',, ultra-red .

Has it been a week already since the last Monday? At this rate, I will not have the poor thesis ready for the Inquisition in time. Whereas before I had so much time, now I have so little. When it rains, it drops monsoon floods at -30 celsius with windchill, sending humans fleeing to the South and pagan warmth as the icerain cascades down in massive, bone-shattering blocks of glacial death. Right .

Here's Monday.

- Breakdance for God. Notable: the Pope waving his hands is an international event worthy of CNN. (Another sign that we never really left the Dark Ages.)

- Yo yo, with much honour & bows I be opening for Dj Spooky when he blasts through town on Friday, February 13th @ SAT, Montreal. More info soon, the event is the opener of a speaker series curated by the infamous Deleuzean, Brian Massumi, and Concordia Professor Erin Manning. I'm also impressed by his new mix album, Rhythm Science: Excerpts and Allegories from the Sub Rosa Archive (Sub Rosa 201). Given that it's Sub Rosa, it's not out of place to see Scanner, Kim Cascone, Bill Laswell, Mouse on Mars, David Toop, etc., but thrown in the historical personages of obscurity--Konstantin Raudive, Patti Smith, Brion Gysin, Kurt Schwitters, Antonin Artaud--and it does wonders to spinning the question of 'what the hell is up with DJ Spooky these days, anyways?'. All the MillerMan needs is Georges Montalba to make things right.

- Using one's computer screen as art - A Dignified Devil's Journal. Eclectic, perverse, strange. '' is not just about the ways in which Flash and code can be used at supreme (or more often, lowly) levels of interactivity. Interactivity is highly overrated. What is better--mystery, intrigue. Layers and depth. Here we have the depth of the flatness. The intensity of the flatworld, all connected. The banality of existence: cellphones, videogames. No sci-fi writer ever predicted we would be spending Our Future chatting away about nothing. The nakedness of talking about screensex. Life passes by in little segmented boxes. Windows not onto the world, barely even our minds: self-refractive pixels and bits.

- I think landlords should be illegal. So do/es, I think, Ultra-Red.

Landlords, like all other men,
love to reap where they never sowed.

- Karl Marx

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